When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.


Throughout history, artists have been the tellers of time. Whether through visual or sonic art – some of the most valuable members in a culture have been those able to translate their people’s history through creative expression. In ancient African civilizations, Griots had the task of verbally relaying knowledge and history, while sculptors and painters would encrypt information into formidable works of art. In Europe, the likes of Caravaggio would live their life on the edge of society and tell the pain of their experiences through Renaissance paintings. The world is a battlefield and HOP serves to gather troops on a creative front.

Promoting All Knowledge” and transcending the illusory boundaries between music, fashion, and the visual arts, Herd of PAK is a DMV-based cultural movement positioned to inspire a global ripple-effect.

With its roots firmly planted in the unification of ancient and modern wisdom, the movement is not limited to upholding just one ideology or set of beliefs. The approach is to instead use a combination of creative mediums to highlight perspectives that deviate from the Western standard of dichotomous thinking.

    While bypassing the “black or white” thought process that has limited the spiritual and intellectual growth of societies for millennia, the movement seeks to illuminate alternative interpretations and understandings of the universe as it simultaneously opens the door to infinite possibility.

“Whether by default or by design, Herd of PAK effortlessly exudes a joker-card-
like energy — impossible to predict and even harder to ignore.”


The Why
Written by. Lacey. G
Photography by Phill. R & Alpha. J